Welcome Day

At Oaklands Community College a huge emphasis is placed on an induction programme consisting of a number of activities to assist with the transition from primary school. Following close contact and cooperation with Primary Schools, first year students had time at the start of the year when they were the only students in the school and linked up with a 5th year student who has received training in relation to mentoring 1st year students. The 5th year mentor assists 1st years in settling into school and forms part of an Induction team including School Management, Tutor, Year Head, Guidance Counsellors, Home School Community Liaison Coordinator and the School Completion Coordinator.

Welcome Day is an action packed day with a focus on team bonding ,making friends and settling in. There was a range of field events including infatable darts, penalty shoot out, foosball, bale rolling, tyre racing, egg and spoon and wellie throwing to name but a few. This was followed by a delicious barbeque prepared by Mr Hynes and Mr Buckley, part of the team of staff members who organised and made the day a huge success.