Huge well done to all of our Transition Year students for taking part in a brilliant Sci-Fest in the school this week. Overall it was evident that a lot of work went into each project and it was a credit to all who took part. The judges were very impressed with the overall standard of each of the projects well done to everyone who took part. Huge congratulations goes to our overall winners and their projects. The Innovator award went to the Pscolourgy and the winners of this award went to Niah Braddock, Aime Kerrigan and Rurai Hoolan. The Forestry award went to The effect of different housing materials on environment by Anna Niezanska and Ella Gerber. The Runners up went to the best form of sun protector by Emma Coyne, Robyn Meehan and Peter Murray. The Winners were Are biodegradable bags what they say they are? And the winners of this project was Alannah Murphy, Maebh Hynes and Daniela Chiriac. Well done to all involved!