Parents / Guardians of Incoming First Years 2019

Parents / Guardians of Incoming First Years 2019


Dear Parent / Guardian.

I would like to welcome you and your son / daughter to Oaklands Community College. I am writing to you in order to share some practical information that will be of benefit to you during the coming months as your son / daughter prepares for their transition to secondary school. Our ‘First Year Information Booklet’ will be posted to all parents / guardians in early June. A ‘First Year Information Night’ will be held on Thursday, August 29th at 7 p.m.

School Uniform: A mobile shop will visit our school on Thursday May 9th & Thursday May 23rd to sell all our uniform requirements. The school uniform can also be purchased from Anna-Marie Boutique or Dermot Hall’s in town. The school uniform consists of:

Girls – navy round neck jumper with college crest, tartan college skirt / navy tailored slacks, light blue cotton blouse (Polo T-shirts unacceptable), black leather shoes.

Boys: navy round neck jumper with college crest, navy tailored slacks, light blue cotton blouse (Polo T-shirts unacceptable), black leather shoes.

College jacket is compulsory and no other jacket will be permitted on the school premises. Students have a choice of 3 school jackets.

Sport: A blue t-shirt, black or navy tracksuit bottoms (no leggings) and a school half zip available from our suppliers.

Student Support Scheme: An annual charge of €140 applies to all students who attend Oaklands Community College. The following family rates apply:

  • 2 students – €220
  • 3 students ­- €250
  • 4 students – €280

This charge helps the school to meet the cost of administration, photocopying, texting, examination answer booklets, locker rental and 24 hour insurance cover. This charge also covers the cost of the book rental scheme.

Maths Requirements: The cost of the Maths Book ‘Active Maths 1’ 2ND Edition is not included in the Student Support Scheme’. A maths pack which includes the required Sharp Calculator (EL-W531), maths set, maths copy, mini white board and marker will be available from the school at a subsidised price in September.

First Year Return to School Date: Friday, August 23rd.

Option Subject Art: Students who have selected art as an optional subject are advised to purchase their classroom requirements from their Art Teacher in August. The required portfolio pack which includes A2 Folder, sharpener, eraser, colouring pencils (water based) 12PK Pencils, A3 Sketch Pad, A4 Sketch Pad, 2B pencil, 4 B pencil can be purchased from their class teacher at excellent value.

Option Subject – Technical Graphics: Classroom requirements are available for purchase from class teacher.

School Transport: Please note that if your son / daughter wishes to avail of school transport, you will need to apply on-line at

Primary School Visits – Ms. O’Shea Deputy Principal and Mr.Duignam will visit all primary schools during the coming weeks to liaise with all 6thclass teachers.

Feedback on Entrance Tests: If any parent wishes to contact Ms. O’Shea regarding the performance of their son / daughter at these tests, please feel free to contact the school to make an appointment to discuss same.

Payment of School Charges: Our school uses an electronic payment system known as ‘way2pay’. This system helps us process payments quickly and hopefully facilitate parents with an easier payment option. Please find enclosed an information flier containing the necessary details. In order to use this system you will need to have a username and password.

Log into and follow instructions to log in for the first time as per enclosed details. Please note that when you log in for the first time you enter your mobile number in international form i.e. 3538 – – – – – -.There are a number of ways you can pay once you are registered – see attached flier. All parents should register for this service as we intend to move all payments to this system as soon as possible. Please note that only one mobile number can be registered for this service. It is essential that we have your correct mobile phone number and that if you change your phone number for any reason that you let us know.

There is a user’s Guide available at: Please consult the enclosed information and/or users guide before contacting the school in relation to this, otherwise we could be overwhelmed with inquiries.

If you or your son / daughter require any further information in advance of our sending out of our ‘First Year Information Booklet’ or wish to discuss any aspect of the transition process to second level, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Deputy Principals Ms. O’Shea / Mr. Murphy.



Mr Gerry Connoilly