Parent Information

Parent Information 2019/2020

Student support scheme

An annual charge applies to all students who attend Oaklands Community College. This charge helps the school to meet the cost of administration, photocopying, texting, examination answer booklets, locker rental and 24 hour student insurance cover.  This charge also covers the cost of the book rental scheme.

Please note that for the Academic Year 2019/20, students in 1st & 5th Year will be required to purchase their own Maths book.

1st Year                 Active Maths 1

2nd Year                Students studying ordinary level will continue with Active Maths 1

                                Students studying higher level will be required to purchase Active Maths 2

3rd Years              Will have book from second year

5th Year                Ordinary Level  Leaving Cert Active Maths 3 second edition (1 book)

6th Year               Higher Level     Leaving Cert Active Maths 4 – Book 1 and Book 2 (separate books)

The success of the scheme is dependent on the co-operation of all involved to ensure that the good condition of books is maintained to allow them to be re-issued a number of times.  A condition of participating in the scheme is that students and parents must agree to cover books promptly after receiving them.

Students will return textbooks to the class teacher of each subject area in May of each year, 3rd and 6th year students will return their books after their last examination in June

Each student will sign off on each book returned

Teachers will record the return of all books

All books must be returned in good condition

Any books that are not returned or returned in poor condition must be replaced with a new book at the students’ expense

Class teachers will distribute books to students in September

Students will sign their name after receiving each book

Students are requested to display their name and their teachers name on each textbook


School Book scheme fees should be paid promptly to facilitate the distribution of books.


Student Support Scheme Fees for 2019/2020 are as follows:


Junior & Senior Cycle                                        €140

Family Rates


2 students                                                          €220

3 students                                                          €250

4 students                                                          €280


This charge does not include the cost of Mock Examinations.


The cost for TY students is €250.  Further costs may be incurred for tours, day trips, activities etc.

Payment of School Charges

This year our school is introducing an electronic payment system known as ‘way2pay’. I sent all parents information in relation to this system of payment in March. This system helps us process payments quickly and hopefully facilitate parents with an easier payment option. Please find enclosed an information flier containing the necessary details. In order to use this system you will need to have a username and password.

Log into and follow instructions to log in for the first time as per enclosed details. Please note that when you log in for the first time you enter your mobile number in international form i.e. 3538 – – – – – -.There are a number of ways you can pay once you are registered – see attached flier. All parents should register for this service as we intend to move all payments to this system as soon as possible. Please note that only one mobile number can be registered for this service. It is essential that we have your correct mobile phone number and that if you change your phone number for any reason that you let us know.

For further information please consult our website

Collecting your son/daughter from the school

The single most important factor in your son/daughters education is their attendance level. All students have a half day on Wednesdays and this is when appointments etc. should be arranged in order to avoid absences.

If for some reason you have to collect your son/daughter for an appointment please make your arrangements before your son/daughter comes into school. The relevant section of the school journal should be completed by you the parent/guardian. The journal has to be presented by your son daughter to Mr Connolly, Mr Murphy or Ms O Shea – who in turn will authorise the collection by signing the journal. The student should make their way to the office at the appropriate time and not be waiting to be called from class.


Please note that your son/daughter has to be released into your care or the care of someone you authorise to act on your behalf. In the event that it is not the parent/guardian collecting the student then the school will contact you by telephone to verify arrangements.

Students cannot leave the school unaccompanied to walk to an appointment or indeed home etc. during the school day.

Students will not be called out from class over the intercom during class time, parents will have to wait until the next break of class.

School jackets

Students have a choice of 3 jackets. These jackets can be worn to class as well. No other jackets will be allowed in the school.

6th year students will be given the opportunity to select and arrange for the purchase of a personalised jacket.

Change to PE uniform.

We have introduced a slight change to the PE unifom for 2019/20 in response to parental and student requests. A blue sapphire t-shirt, black or navy tracksuit bottoms (no leggings) and a school half zip available from our suppliers. The school half zip can only be used for PE or sport.


Students out of uniform

Any student out of uniform should bring a note from home explaining why they are out of uniform and present this to their year head before roll call and obtain a uniform pass.

Uniform passes can only be issued by year heads.