New Student Council 2021-2022

We are delighted to announce our 2021-2022 Student Council representatives.
1st Year
Gabriella Blaszkiewicz (1 Mask), Tadhg Browne (1 Conn), Megan Muldowney (1 Neagh) & Irene Hou (1 Ree)
2nd Year
Darek Murphy (2 Allen), Abigail Ellis (2 Conn) & Callum Kenna (2 Conn)
3rd Year
Mia Muldowney (3 Allen), Alesha Butt (3 Conn), Peter Simon (3 Derg) & Fabiana Castrechini (3 Mask)
Transition Year
Corey Eady (TY 1), Niah Braddock (TY 2) & Meabh Hynes (TY 3)
5th Year
Jannes Beyer (5A), Faye Lynch (5C) and Aaron Masterson Weir (5C) & Niall Walsh (5E)
Stephen Kenny (5LCA 1)
6th Year
David Omozokpia (6B), Karen Higgins (6B), Hannah Groome (6D) & Abbie Rushe (6E)
Olivia Lally
Congratulations to all on being elected.
Members have been busy this week completing their induction. This day consisted of an introduction to the other student council members using some ice breakers, outlining what is the student council, what do they do, roles and responsibilities of student council members and officers, the student council constitution and the election of the following officers: Chairperson, deputy chairperson, treasurer, secretary, public relations (PR) team and an Irish Second Level Student’s Union (ISSU) representative.