Continuing Arrangements for Provision of Education at Oaklands Community College during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As our school remains closed, we are crucially aware at Oaklands Community College of the challenge the current situation puts on all of our students and their parents/guardians.


Teaching Staff at Oaklands Community College continue to engage in teaching and learning through our school’s digital platform.  We are aware of the importance of progressing all courses of learning in all subject areas and at all levels.


The Management and Staff of Oaklands Community College would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend all our students, their parents and guardians for their engagement to date with our teachers and the work ongoing through digital platforms during the current situation.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that school work is ongoing for all subjects through our digital platforms and to remind you of the importance of continuing and sustained engagement with this remote learning. It is important for students to login on a daily basis to keep on top of the ongoing coursework.


The Easter Break will commence this Friday, April 3rd and finish on Sunday April 18th. It is essential that Third and Sixth years continue their examination preparation during this time. Remote teaching and learning will recommence after the Easter Break if this is in line with the national strategy at this time.


We realise how difficult a time it is for families not only due the confinement for yourselves and your loved ones but also due to other factors that some families may be experiencing. The most important thing at the moment is that to look after yourselves and your loved ones during this most difficult time.   It’s important that we all remain positive in the face of such adversity and to remember that the current situation will end and we will return to normality.


Stay safe and well.


The Management and Staff of Oaklands Community College