Bank of Ireland Student Banking Services

The Bank of Ireland are coming to Oaklands Community College.

The student bank will be established by the Bank of Ireland with the help of Transition Year students who will operate as tellers this academic year.

Students at the school will be given an opportunity to set up a second level current account right here in the school. The students can easily set up an account with the help of our school bank team, comprising of Transition Year students.

To set up an account, all students need do is bring in their mobile phone and passport. The students will then go through a quick confirmation process. New student account holders will then receive a contactless visa debit card in the post. The services is completely free for second level students with no service charges attached to the account.

As a bonus for the school, once the card is activated and used in 3 transactions, money will be donated to the school by Bank of Ireland.

The student banking team will be here in the school from Monday the 30th September to Thursday the 3rd October every lunch time for anyone interested in setting up an account.

Please note – for those who do not wish to bring their passport to school, please take a clear picture of your passport showing all four corners. This is to avoid complications setting up your account on the day.

– School Bank Team