Award of Green Schools Flag

Oaklands Community College celebrates Green Schools Award

Staff and students of Oaklands Community College are celebrating the award of a Green Schools Flag. News came last week to announce that the school had successfully met the criteria to be awarded the travel flag.

The Green Schools Travel flag is the culmination of two years’ work by the Green Schools Committee and the wider school community. It follows the successful award of three previous flags, the Litter and Waste flag, the Energy flag and the Water flag.

The Committee carried out two walk-ability audits to check the safety of students walking to school. They also invited the RSA to visit the school on two occasions to teach students about road safety.

The school was also awarded a grant for a new bike rack for students. Many students took part in “walk on Wednesdays”, surveys and competitions to raise awareness and encourage Eco-friendly travel.

A special thanks is extended to everyone involved in working towards the flag, especially the hard working student committee members David Hayes, Eric Fox, Jayson Yip, Aaron Masterson, Sam Mannion, Abigail Mooney, Max Mullally, Cian Colvin, Ainsley Akande, Joshua O’Neill, Craig Hanlon, Dayna Hughes, Rebecca Kerrigan, Colin McDonough, Lucy Byrne, Conor Kelly, Tyler Reilly and Rachel Coyne as well as their supporting teachers Mr Creevy, Ms Finn, Ms Moriarty and Ms Darby.